Order the book

The book is available from UNOH Publishing in paper and ebook.

You can also purchase it online from Koorong, Amazon, Book Depository.



2 Responses to Order the book

  1. Sally & John Padgett says:

    We were in church at St Marks Spotswood on Sunday. We were studying with Kari & Christine Gobius – they showed us your book.
    We’d like to buy a copy. Is it available as an ebook? That would be our preference.
    Thank you in anticipation for your response and for your efforts in producing such a publication.
    Regards, Sally & John.


    • cloudcounter says:

      Hi Sally and John

      there was talk of an ebook earlier on but not sure what the latest thoughts are on this. We did a short run before Christmas and are waiting on news of when it is likely that the larger run will happen. There is an official launch in March at the Surrender conference, but copies will be on sale before then

      Cheers, Mick…


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